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Prices and Packages Available
Can be tailored to suit individual needs


Dog Care Package - Feed, Water, Toileting, Play,

(Brushing optional) 

30 - 40 minute visit                                                        £7 one visit

(up to two dogs included)                                              £12 two visits


Cat Care Package- Feed, Water, Toileting,Play,

(Brushing optional) 

30 minute visit                                                                £6 one visit

(up to two cats included)                                               £10 two visits                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Small Animal Package - Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Fish, Exotics etc

 Individual  Care for each Small Animal                        £5 per visit                                                                                                                                


Dog Walking - 30 minute walk. Multiple visits               £8.50 weekday  by  arrangement.                                                           £9.50 weekend   



Free Service - Watering Plants, Picking up Mail, Closing/Opening Curtains, Taking in/out Bins.


There will be a small surcharge of £5 for visits over 10 miles from where I am based in the North of Sheffield


TEL 01142 844089 MOB 07979 502218 EMAIL MUTLEYSPETS@AOL.COM